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Little Earthquakes (Deluxe Edition)

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Disk 11. Crucify2. Girl3. Silent All These Years4. Precious Things5. Winter6. Happy Phantom7. China8. Leather9. Mother10. Tear In Your Hand11. Me And A Gun12. Little EarthquakesDisk 21. Upside Down2. Thoughts3. Ode To The Banana King (Part One)4. Song For Eric5. The Pool6. Take To The Sky7. Sweet Dreams8. Mary9. Sugar10. Flying Dutchman11. Humpty Dumpty12. Smells Like Teen Spirit13. Little Earthquakes14. Crucify (Live)15. Precious Things (Live)16. Mother (Live)17. Happy Phantom (Live)18. Here In My HeadDisk Sayısı: 2