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Chino Pantolon

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Sculptural Sphere

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The multi-dimensionality of our daily experiences is reduced by the television and internet media to the surface of a flat screen. Thus reality loses more and more of its spatial qualities, even as theoretical physicists develop increasingly sophisticated models to better understand the structures of time and space. As they employ an ever-growing number of dimensions in this endeavor, the mode of our sensual reception continues to become as flat and one-dimensional as the monitors of the computers at which we work. Throughout the history of art, sculpture has been prized as one of the foremost artistic expressions in western culture, one that employs far less illusionism than, for instance, painting. The works included in Sculptural Sphere are analyzed based on their spatial parameters. Their dimensions prove useful in defining the sculptural sphere that surrounds our bodies, as well as our reception of our multi-dimensional spatial environment.(Tanıtım Bülteninden)Sayfa Sayısı: 100Baskı Yılı: 2014Dili: İngilizceYayınevi: Sammlung Goetz