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The Best Of Scotland

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Albüm İçeriği<table width="100%"><tr><td align=center><table><tr><td>1.</td><td align=center>THE CORRIES : The bluebells of Scotland</td><tr><tr><td>2.</td><td align=center>Andy STEWART : Donald where's your troosers</td><tr><tr><td>3.</td><td align=center>Robert WILSON : Scotland the brave</td><tr><tr><td>4.</td><td align=center>Moira ANDERSON : Mairi's wedding</td><tr><tr><td>5.</td><td align=center>Jimmy SHAND : Bluebell polka</td><tr><tr><td>6.</td><td align=center>THE CORRIES : The black Douglas</td><tr><tr><td>7.</td><td align=center>Kenneth McKELLAR : Rowan tree</td><tr><tr><td>8.</td><td align=center>Andy STEWART : Road to the isles (From song of the Hebrides)</td><tr><tr><td>9.</td><td align=center>THE ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS : The flower of Scotland</td><tr><tr><td>10.</td><td align=center>Jimmy LOGAN : Roamin' in the gloamin'</td><tr><tr><td>11.</td><td align=center>THE CORRIES : Sound the pibroch</td><tr><tr><td>12.</td><td align=center>Robert WILSON : Westering home</td><tr><tr><td>13.</td><td align=center>THE ROYAL DRAGOON GUARDS : Mull of Kintyre</td><tr><tr><td>14.</td><td align=center>Jimmy LOGAN : I love a lassie</td><tr><tr><td>15.</td><td align=center>Jimmy SHAND : Gay gordons medley Cock O' the North, Jeannie King</td><tr><tr><td>16.</td><td align=center>Moira ANDERSON : Dancing in Kyle</td><tr><tr><td>17.</td><td align=center>Andy STEWART : Campbeltown Loch</td><tr><tr><td>18.</td><td align=center>Will FYFFEL : I belong to Glasgow</td><tr><tr><td>19.</td><td align=center>THE ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS : Amazing grace</td><tr><tr><td>20.</td><td align=center>Robert WILSON : Haste ye back</td><tr></table></td></tr></table>Disk Sayısı: 1