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Waro Kishi: Works and Projects

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Born in 1950 and currently based in Kyoto, Waro Kishi belongs to the generation of Japanese architects that emerged after Tadao Ando (an influence that Kishi readily acknowledges), though he remains a self-described contrarian, preferring the works of Marcel Breuer and Richard Neutra when others were embracing Post-Modernism. And yet, Kishi has a sensibility all his own, using primarily glass and steel rather than the massive expanses of concrete in Ando's work, resulting in more delicate and subtle designs. This heavily illustrated overview surveys Kishi's substantial oeuvre of detached houses as well as landed public buildings and urban designs for constricted spaces.(Tanıtım Bülteninden)Sayfa Sayısı: 239Baskı Yılı: 2014Dili: İngilizceYayınevi: ElectaArchitecture