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Britten: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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<B>DİSK 1</B><B>1.</B> Introduction: The Wood, Deepening Twilight / Over Hill, Over Dale (1. Akt)<B>2.</B> Oberon Is Passing Fell And Wrath<B>3.</B> Well, Go Thy Way<B>4.</B> How Now My Love?<B>5.</B> Be İt On Lion, Bear, Or Wolf, Or Bull<B>6.</B> Welcome Wanderer! ...I Know A Bank<B>7.</B> Is All Our Company Here?<B>8.</B> Fair Love, You Faint With Wand'ring İn The Wood<B>9.</B> Through The Frost Have I Gone<B>10.</B> Stay, Though Thou Kill Me, Sweet Demetrius<B>11.</B> Come, Now A Roundel And A Fairy Song<B>12.</B> You Spotted Snakes With Double Tongues<B>13.</B> What Thou Seest When Thou Dost Wake<B>14.</B> Introduction:The Wood (2. Akt)<B>15.</B> Are We All Met?<B>16.</B> I See Their Knavery<B>17.</B> Be Kind And Courteous To This Gentleman<B>18.</B> Hail! Mortal, Hail!<B>19.</B> I Have Reas'nable Good Ear İn Music<B>20.</B> How Now, Mad Spirit?<B>DİSK 2</B><B>1.</B> Flower Of This Purple Dye<B>2.</B> Puppet? Why, So? Ay, That Way Goes The Game<B>3.</B> This İs Thy Negligence<B>4.</B> Up And Down, Up And Down<B>5.</B> On The Ground, Sleep Sound<B>6.</B> Introduction: The Wood, Early Next Morning - My Gentle Robin, See'st Thou This Sweet Sight? (3. Akt)<B>7.</B> Helena! Hermia! Demetrius! Lysander!<B>8.</B> When My Cue Comes, Call Me<B>9.</B> Have You Sent To Bottom's House?<B>10.</B> Now, Fair Hippolyta<B>11.</B> If We Offend, It Is With Our Good Will<B>12.</B> Gentles, Perchance You Wonder At This Show<B>13.</B> In This Same İnterlude İt Doth Befall<B>14.</B> O Grim-Look'd Night, O Night With Hue So Black<B>15.</B> O Wall, Full Often Has Thou Heard My Moans<B>16.</B> You Ladies, You Whose Gentle Hearts Do Fear<B>17.</B> This Lanthorn Doth The Horned Moon Present<B>18.</B> Sweet Moon, I Thank Thee For Thy Sunny Beams<B>19.</B> Asleep, My Love?<B>20.</B> Come, Your Bergomask<B>21.</B> Now The Hungry Lion Roars<B>DİSK 3</B><B>1.</B> Libretto: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Data Track)Disk Sayısı: 3